Point Plesent, WV is a small, peaceful town on the Ohio River. Point Plesent is known for its historical significance to the colonization of the americas, but it's best known for the myth of the Mothman. On November 15th, 1966 two couples - Roger and Linda Scarberry, and Steve and Mary Marlette traveling together on a mountain road near McClintic Wildlife Managment Area( known as the "TNT" area to locals due to WW2 explosives being stored & manufactured there). In this area they reported seeing - as Linda describes it - a slender, muscular man about seven feet tall and with white wings.

In the coming days further sightings were reported, first starting with two volunteer firemen who described seeing a "large bird with red eyes". Following this hundreds of reports were received regarding this elusive creature.

Less often discussed there was another sighting before the famous one. On November 12th 1966, two gravediggers in Clendenin, WV (about 8km from Point Plesent) saw what they described as a "flying man", also stating that "It was gliding through the trees and was in sight for about a minute".

It's hard to dispute that these people didn't see something, but that leaves the question of what they saw. Many belive the Mothman to be an unidentified animal, an alien, or even a demon. While these whould be interesting, it's commonly believed now that the mothman was most likely a Sandhill crane or a large heron. Sandhill cranes are about as tall as the average human and have a reddish coloring around their eyes.

The mothman has served as a major source of tourism for the town of Point Plesent. They now run a Mothman festival every September, aswell as running a Mothman museum.